Preventing Frozen Pipes In Alberta’s Winter

As an Albertan you might be fond of cold winters. But definitely not the freezing water pipes. And preventing frozen pipes in arctic weather of Alberta is a tricky thing to achieve. As the cold wave from the north cascades over the province, it can be a challenge to keep the plumbing system on track. From burst pipes to water damage in your home, freezing pipes can wreak havoc. You may not prevent the pipes from freezing altogether, but you can take steps to minimize the damage. 

Preventing Frozen Pipes In Alberta

Yes, Alberta winters can be unpleasant at times. And as the chilly weather approaches, you can prepare your home for the season with K2 Heating. Whether you need an annual plumbing maintenance check or just basic plumbing or heating repairs, our services are available. You might think that your plumbing pipes have plenty of insulation. But they can still freeze and burst. Frozen pipes are quite common during the winter season. And it can lead to costly repairs if left unattended. Check out some signs of frozen pipes and how you can keep the problem at bay. 

Drain All Outdoor Faucets And Pipes

As the weather gets colder in Alberta, you need to prepare your outdoor pipes and faucets for frosty temperatures. Like most homeowners you might have an outdoor faucet or two around your property. You might use them to water your plants or wash your vehicles. Check out all the faucets and pipes at regular intervals. And make sure that they don’t freeze and burst open in the cold winter season. 

Pack Up Outdoor Hoses And Close Down Supply Valves

Before the winter season hits, always pack up all outdoor gear including garden tools. For preventing frozen pipes, it is important to drain all water that sits in the plumbing system, especially in outdoor hose bibbs. You can clean off any spigots and disconnect any hoses that are not in use. Make sure to check the outside faucets, turn off all outside valves, and drain out any leftover water in the pipes. K2 Heating can help you out with all these tasks and more. As our customer in Alberta, you can get our winter checklist. Or let our experts handle all the plumbing tasks for you. 

Keep The Tap Water Trickling

It is possible for your water pipes to freeze even if they were turned off beforehand. One of the ways of preventing frozen pipes is to leave the tap dripping during the cold months. Even a small trickle of water is enough to keep water flowing through the pipes. And avoid any potential freezing. 

Keep The Indoor Pipes Warm

Frozen pipes can cause a lot of damage and even require a costly repair. You can make sure to let the warm air circulate around the indoor pipes. For example, for the pipes located in the garage area, you can try to keep the space mostly locked. This will prevent any pipe freezing due to the outside air.  

Schedule Yearly Maintenance

A yearly plumbing maintenance plan can help you keep your pipes, water lines and fittings in good condition. Especially for those chilly winter months, it helps in preventing frozen pipes. Plus, it is easier to schedule a yearly maintenance than to fix a costly problem. As your trusted HVAC experts, K2 Heating offers a complete solution for your plumbing and heating needs in Alberta. Whether it’s pipe installation and repair at your home or air conditioning repairs at the office, we take care of everything. 

Keep Your Home’s Thermal Setting Steady

For preventing frozen pipes in Alberta’s winter, it is important to maintain steady thermal settings in your home. You can keep your home’s temperature between 20 C and 25 C and avoid any freezing of plumbing system. As a homeowner, you should not shut off your HVAC system completely when you go away for a weekend or a longer vacation. You can always use a programmable thermostat to keep your heating and cooling costs under control. It is crucial to keep your home interiors warm to prevent frozen pipes. 

Signs of Frozen Pipes

Alberta is quite cold during the winter, especially if you live in Calgary. But there are ways of preventing frozen pipes. You can also watch out for these signs to identify any frozen pipes. 

  • There is frost on the outer surface of the pipes. 
  • A strange smell from the drains and taps. This can be due to frozen pipes or some other clog. 
  • Traces of water damage around the house. For example, mold, moisture, foul odor, flaky wallpaper, slumped ceiling, or walls.  

While Alberta winters can be cold, they sure are beautiful. We at K2 Heating are here to get your plumping system ready for the winter and prevent any frozen pipes. Our experts can help you identify and address all plumbing issues before they get out of hand. 

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